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Holodeck is a cross-platform game engine used to build portable games for different environments (JavaME, Android, BlackBerry, GWT, JavaFX, Desktop and Web). Holodeck is based on "Write Once, Run Anywhere" concept to minimize time and cost required to port games to different platforms.

• Features:
- Well-structured game engine.
- Support for different media file playback.
- Physics engine (with rigid-body dynamics).
- Animation and sprites.
- Social network integration.
- Bitmap fonts.
- Resources management.
- Complete design tools for sprite animation and rigid-body physics.

• Supported platforms:
- Java (JavaME, JavaSE, Applet and JavaFX).
- Android.
- Blackberry.
- Google Web Toolkit.
- iOS and Qt support in progress.

• Used: NetBeans, Eclipse, Java 1.3/1.6, Android SDK, BlackBerry Eclipse plugin, GWT SDK, Windows XP, Ubuntu 11, Mac OS X 10.7.5